Preliminary Meeting Between Karatina University (KarU) And Kenya Forestry Research Institute(KEFRI)

Karatina University held a meeting with KEFRI at Main Campus the Senior Common Room on 18th December, 2020.

The purpose of the meeting was to explore ways of collaborating and possibly agree on an MoU to guide joint activities between the two institutions. It was reported that the two institutions have a rich history of engagement in areas of: Research, Teaching, Environmental Conservation and Community Outreach.

It was noted that, KEFRI has occasionally allowed Forestry and Natural Resource students to carry out laboratory analysis at their offices. On the other hand, KarU has allowed some KEFRI staff to be part-time lecturers at School of Natural Resources (SNRES). KEFRI also promised to send some of their staff members to pursue some Karatina University post graduate courses offered by SNRES.

It was agreed that formalising this engagement would be for the greater benefit of the two institutions and the country at large.

Karatina University

  1. P. Aloo-Obudho -Deputy Vice Chancellor (ARSA)/Chairman
  2. K. Wanjau -Director, University Industry Linkages & International Programmes
  3. S. Murage                   -Deputy Registrar (P&A)
  4. A. Mumbi -Legal Officer
  5. M. Kinyanjui             -Coordinator, Mountain Studies
  6. J. Kagema            -Coordinator, Community Outreach

Kenya Forestry Research Institutte (KEFRI)

  1. J. Kimondo -Deputy Director, Forest Productivity & Improvement
  2. MTE. Mbuvi
  3. C. Koech
  4. J. Wanjiku
  5. P. Tuwei
  6. B. Prissy Njoki


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