Director’s Message to Potential Partners

Partnerships are important in the achievement of Karatina University’s strategic goal of becoming an entrepreneurial university. The evolving globalization of education has made networks and partnerships necessary. Partnerships may be implemented through joint innovation programs, research ventures, local and international students and staff exchanges and community outreach or corporate social responsibly programs.


The University- Industry & International Programmes Directorate has prioritized partnerships as a mechanism to assist Karatina University achieves her strategic objectives that include development of infrastructure, innovation, training, research and community outreach. The Directorate is focused on engaging the industry partners, both in public and private sectors to collaborate on areas that are of mutual benefit towards the realization of the University’s Strategic Plan and Kenya’s Vision 2030. This is a premier Directorate seeking to influence entrepreneurial partnerships and collaborations in the manufacturing and service sectors in Kenya.


The Directorate would like to be involved in building the capacity of local SMEs and accelerate their transformation to entrepreneurial firms by exposing them to topical training areas. The Directorate has developed tailor made short courses that can be undertaken by corporate players, consultants and entrepreneurs to address their specific needs, wants and emerging issues. Through these short courses, Karatina University will become a premier regional capacity building institute that will reach out corporate firms in COMESA region. The short courses are based on the emerging needs of the client not only locally but region wise. The short courses will have a strong link between management and performance improvement at individual and firm level.

Prof. Kenneth L. Wanjau, Ph.D, MKIM.

Director, University- Industry Linkage & International Programmes.