Karatina University Signs MoU With Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI)

Karatina University hosted the President of Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI), Israel, Dr. Joseph Shevel, to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to offer a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.
In his introductory remarks, the Vice Chancellor, Karatina University Prof. Mucai Muciri recognized GIMI to be among the best institutes offering management training courses. He is an alumnus of the institute together with the DVC (ARSA) Prof. P. Aloo Obudho and DVC (PFA) Prof. Linus Gitonga. The institute has a high alumni base from all over the world, and especially high ranking persons in various management positions in Kenya. They include Prof. Margaret Kamar, Former governor of Tana River county Hussein Dhado, Prof. Collete Suda, State comptroller Mr. Mbugua, Prof. Ntiba, Governor of Nakuru, Lee Kinyanjui, Prof. Kimemia to mention a few.
Dr. Shevel began his address by reiterating the late Nelson Mandela’s quote that “education is the most important weapon”. He also noted that the first president of Israel, Chaim Weizmann ordered that in his country, every child to go to school, failure to which the parent would be jailed. This has been the driving force that has seen technology advancement in Israel. He challenged the members present, to utilize available resources indicating that Israel is an arid land that receives as little as 50 millilitres of rainfall per year. Despite that, Israel has grown and proved to be a leader in the use of agricultural technologies to boost production. 90% of water in Israel is reused for agriculture, he added.
Mr. Joseph Shevel shared a case of GIMI’s partnership with Mr. Matu Wamae, who received a training of trainers at the institute in Israel in dairy management and production. The training was on utilization of technological advancements in boosting milk production, which he implemented back at home by setting up a training school. This has seen over 2000 farmers get trained and milk production rise by 100%, from 7 litres to 12-14 litres a day. GIMI has agribusiness partnership in Tanzania and is working together with the Government of Uganda and Ethiopia as well.
Dr. Shevel encouraged the University not only to sign the MOU, but also implement it so that the collaboration would see trainers trained at the institute in Israel and pass the knowledge to trainees back at home. He hoped that a budget could be set aside, for the implementation of the MOU.

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