Meeting Between Karatina University & Mukurwe-Ini Wakulima Dairy

Consultative Meeting Between Karatina University & Mukurwe-Ini Wakulima Dairy Limited Held On 19/1/2021

A team from the University- Industry Linkage & International Programmes Directorate held a meeting with the production and technical team from Mukurwe-ini Wakulima Dairy Limited (MWDL) at their boardroom on 19th January, 2021. The purpose of the meeting was to develop a roadmap on how the two institutions can actualise areas which they identified in a consultative meeting held on 11th December, 2021 at Karatina University.

Those areas that were discussed were;

  • Continuous improvement of existing MWDL product’s life i.e. Extend products shelf life to enhance market performance
  • Substitution of raw materials to promote affordability and expand MWDL product range for customers’ choice.
  • New products development and value addition activities based on locally available raw materials i.e. agricultural and/or livestock produce in the region.
  • Latest development in packaging, processing and equipment ie application of Nano technology, sustainable/ resilience technologies among others that are appropriate for the Dairy/ Food processing and preservation to promote health and nutrition and enhance food security.
  • Creation of MWDL Research and Development department

The MWDL production and technical team were able to highlight what is very key to their firm and would like Karatina University to assist in achieving within their 2020/2021 financial year. One key area is on the need to extend yoghurt shelf life to three months so as to enhance MWDL market performance. It was agreed that in order to achieve this, the University would conduct a research into the possibility of extension of shelf life.


Coffee flavoured yoghurt having been the most recent innovation involving MWDL, Karatina University was challenged to think of a way they could also have purple tea flavoured yoghurt or even ways of coming up with other flavours like biscuits. This product differentiation would make MWDL stand out in the market.

It was agreed that, MWDL will provide equipment and machinery for pilot runs during product development, MWDL production and laboratory staff will be trained on manufacturing best practices and a market survey will be carried out.

Dr. Louise Ngugi from Karatina University and Mr. Charles Mithamo from MWDL were picked as team leaders for all these initiatives. Mr. Kamau, MWDL CEO assured Dr. Louise Ngugi that, Karatina University team will have access to MWDL laboratory and yoghurt production unit during product development phase.

Finally, co-patenting was the preferred intellectual property rights approach and at the right time Kenya Industrial Property Institute will guide the two establishments on how to go about it.  

  • Progress reports to be generated by the teams,
  • The two establishments to identify teams so that work starts immediately, and
  • The team leaders to come up with a work plan and a budget.
Karatina University Members present
  1. K.L. Wanjau – Director U-IL&IP
  2. M. Lokuruka – Director DRIE
  3. Louise Ngugi – H.o.D FSN
MWDL Members present
  1. Peter K. Mathinji – Chief Executive Officer
  2. Charles Mithamo – Head of Production & Quality Assurance
  3. Thomas Wainaina – Production & Quality Assurance Department
  4. Joseph Gatimu – Finance Manager
  5. George Muita – Operations Manager

Charles Langat         – Production & Quality Assurance Department.