MoU Between Karatina University and Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI)

A team from Karatina University held a preliminary meeting with `Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI ) representatives at the Senior Common Room, Main Campus on 18th December, 2020. The purpose of the meeting was to explore ways of collaborating and possibly agree on Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) components that will define the kind of joint activities that the two institutions will undertake. It was noted that, the two institutions have a rich history of engagement in areas of Research, Teaching, Environmental Conservation and Community Outreach. 

It was noted also that, KEFRI has occasionally allowed Forestry and Natural Resource students to use their laboratories. On the other hand, KEFRI has identified Karatina University as a potential institution for its staff to pursue undergraduate and post graduate courses.

It was agreed that, by signing a MoU, the two institutions will engage formally and our country will benefit greatly.  


Representatives of the two institutions agreed on the following areas for collaboration; 

  1. Joint research, innovation and technology development
  2. Training and Exchange of staff members
  3. Collaboration towards general sustainable development initiatives.
  4. Project management and implementation
  5. Sharing of physical facilities /infrastructure
  6. Institutional capacity building
  7. Staff and student attachment
  8. Exchange and dissemination of information
  9. Commercialization and marketing of products and services
  10. Joint publications and technology transfer
  11. Joint outreach activities especially tree planting
  12. Joint conferences, workshops and seminars
  13. Joint resource mobilisation initiatives
  14. Develop Joint training/academic programmes
  15. Collaborate in the development of professional guidelines regarding the forest industry.
  • Agree which will be the key MoU components
  • Legal Officers from the two institutions to review the draft MoU and confirm it meets the interest of their specific institutions.
  • It was agreed that a final draft MoU be in place by 29th December, 2020.
  • After the signing of the MoU, Lead teams from both institutions will work on a joint work plan matrices for the specific activities in each area of collaboration.
Karatina University Members present
  1. P. Aloo-Obudho-Deputy Vice Chancellor (ARSA)/Chairman
  2. K. Wanjau -Director, University Industry Linkages & International Programmes
  3. S. Murage -Deputy Registrar (P&A)
  4. A. Mumbi -Legal Officer 
  5. M. Kinyanjui -Coordinator, Centre for Mountain Studies & Climate Change.
  6. J. Kagema  -Coordinator, Community Outreach 
KEFRI Members present 
  1. J. Kimondo -Deputy Director, Forest Productivity & Improvement 
  2. . Mbuvi             -Deputy Director Forest Research Support Services
  3. C. Koech            – Partnership Officer
  4. J. Wanjiku -Training Officer                    
  5. P. Tuwei            – Training Officer      
  6. B. Prissy Njoki -Head of Resource Mobilization and Partnership