Fees per participant: US$200 to cover tuition, training materials, snacks and lunch only.


The course is structured to enable individuals to learn how to manage money more effectively by learning practical solutions to key investment, credit, insurance and retirement questions.

This personal finance course is divided into three modules: investments, credit and budgeting Each module is independent and may be studied on its own, although studying them together provides a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness across modules and the various tradeoffs across them. Throughout the course, we will explore interesting and relevant real world examples so that you can better understand the underlying concepts. We will also relate relevant academic research to the topic on hand and show how the research findings are relevant to your daily financial decisions. This course provides practical, ready-to-use solutions to use in your daily life. All solutions may not be equally important for you given your age and priorities, but they will certainly be relevant to you at some point in your life.


Entrepreneurs, Financial advisors, Business Consultants, Business Development Managers, Corporate Managers, Investment groups.


This course is will equip the learners with skills that will be practical and applicable to their day to day lives. They will learn how to manage finances and income, basic stock market and investments, the role of credit and how to judiciously use it, the importance of investment and savings for retirement. This course is applied and problem-based with assignments that are intentionally introductory and simpler to understand and can easily be relatable to day-to-day financial decisions facing businesses and individuals on a daily basis.


★ Effective Budgeting

★ Money Mind-set

★Visualizing your net worth

★Building your Expense tracker

★Customized balance sheet