Fees : US$700 to cover tuition, training materials, snacks and lunch only.



The value of entrepreneurial activities in an economy is now well established. Virtually all

economic endeavours, innovations and commercialization of such innovations came from active entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The programme therefore examines in details, the economic and social roles of intrapreneurs, how they strive and seek to create new values in a firm, society, reviewing and analyzing selected case studies of successful and failed entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the region shall form the backbone of the training programme.



Individual from a wide range of practicing entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (top management cadre) in the service and manufacturing sector will benefit from attending and participating in the course. Public officials from a wide range of departments in both national and county governments, parastatal chiefs/CEOs who have responsibilities in the areas of career development, project management and policy formulation and implementation will also benefit in attending this course.



★ You will inretact with other entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs facing similar or different

challenges/opportunities and gain value-adding networks of entrepreneurial relationships;

★ You will learn to create and to innovate “on-the-go” as you realise that products and

services represent solutions to society;

★ You will refine your business mission and vision in the context of dynamic operating


★ You will create and grow wealth by integrating organizational learning, with strategic

leadership, relational networks and managed growth via effective succession planning.



★ Searching and researching the market for unmet socio-economic needs;

★ Understanding and creating value chain from the customer’ perspective;

★ Effective enterprise resources management for growth;

  • Understanding and implementing closed innovation from the employee perspective
  • Understanding and implementing open innovation from an intra-firm perspective

★ Marketing and promotion of services and products to differentiated segments;

★ Staying focussed on key results areas for maintaining relevance;

★ Managing stakeholder relationships for long term sustainability.